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Conflict of channels ?


EMOTIV Merchant of Record ("MoR") is the solution


Protect your Brand


Control your Brand

Want control over your Brand but worried about appearing direct on a consumer channel?

EMotiv Merchant of Record (MOR) Services may solve that problem.

Build your total ecommerce business with control and protection


Years Experience

What is Merchant of Record?.

A merchant of record ("MoR") is used to describe the legal entity selling goods or services to the end user.
The merchant in a sales transaction is the party from which the
buyer believes it is making a purchase from and the party to which the buyer is liable for payment.

Build your total ecommerce business with control and protection

EMOTIVs’ merchant of record (“MoR”) allows Brands to utilize EMOTIVs Marketplace stores to sell to end users. EMOTIV becomes the MoR of you company and has the relationship with the customer.

Benefits of utilizing EMOTIV ("MoR") Services

Not selling direct to the public and being the visible seller
Rapid entrance into new markets
low Investment in knowledge and resource
Protect your brand
Ability to test new markets and products
Utilize our expertise in customer relationship service

EMOTIV'S ("MoR") Model

Benefits of EMOTIV ("MoR") Services

EMotiv becomes the MoR and sells under the cover of one of our companies