Our Team

Andrew started his working life as a Retail Management trainee and rapidly progressed to be the company's youngest store manager and then transitioned to an operations manager role. He then moved to take over the family automotive business, being one of the online early adopters. He celebrated having the first $1m store on eBay UK and decided to form EMOTIV, to help Brands and Manufacturers sell on Marketplaces. 12 years on, he leads a team of 70 individuals contracting with companies like eBay, Liverpool Football Club, Valeo, Aston Martin and SKF

Andrew Rowson

Founder and Chairman
As CEO of EMOTIV, Gareth has spearheaded transformative initiatives and by leveraging market insights, emerging trends, and a keen understanding of our customers, he has along with a great team been able to guide EMOTIV to achieve new heights in, driving both revenue growth and customer satisfaction. Hs leadership style is characterized by a balance of encouraging collaborative thinking and creativity, alongside a culture of accountability and striving for excellence. Gareth has had the privilege of speaking at industry conferences and contributing to articles and podcasts across multiple sectors and maintains a fervent commitment to continuous learning and investigation, staying informed about the latest developments. He remains dedicated to providing a comprehensive suite of resources that empower our team members to lead balanced, fulfilling lives both inside and outside the workplace, especially in the ever-developing technological landscape

Gareth Owen

Ivo has managed three figure teams for over 2 decades, specializing in providing outsourced teams to $100m companies. He has been with EMOTIV for nearly 3 years and during that time he has led the transformation process, being responsible for increasing productivity and reducing errors. He has been responsible for setting up two remote teams in India and the UAE.

Ivo Roussev

EVP – Operations

Simeon has recently embraced the position of VP of Revenue, navigating our sales and marketing teams towards new heights. With a successful sales background, his strategic mindset and diligent planning have been essential in driving our business forward.


Vice President of Revenue
With over 16 years of experience in various industries, Donna has built a comprehensive background in human resources and operations. Currently serving in the HR Operations for EMOTIV Online, leveraging a wealth of expertise in managing international HR initiatives.


HR Director
Alice Tahmizian, an experienced Sales and team Manager with over 16 years in sales and 11 years in people and account management, is currently the Head of Customer Service Satisfaction at EMOTIV since July 2023. Previously leading the Accounting Managing Team at E-Motive for a period of two and a half years, her attention to detail and analytical mastery contributed to team effectiveness and organizational success.


Head of Customer Satisfaction